Released GanttDroid 1.4

For the new release, we have improved the way the user interacts with the Gantt Chart:

- You'll can drag to change the start / end date of any task.

- You'll can drag to connect the end / start of any task to the end / start of any other.

- You'll can redraw any connection to delete it.

- You'll have buttons to move the tasks up and down, and to indent or outdent.

Also, the performance is imporved when opening large projects.

What are we working on?

- We are optimizing the entire User Interface for tablets.

What's GanttDroid?

GanttDroid is a Project management application made for the Android platform, that enables you to manage all your projects anywhere you are.

Other applications do not have all the capabilities of ganttdroid, or just allow you to display the projects, without the ability to edit.

Ganttdroid is designed to be 100% compatible with the Opensource application Ganttproject.  Ganttproject is a cross-platform desktop application free and opensource.  Ganttproject has not all the functionality of Microsoft Project, but is very easy and is completely free.

Ganttdroid, at this moment can't open Microsoft Project files directly, however, you can Import your MS Project files in Ganttproject and save them as Ganttproject projects.  At this time you'll be able to work with your projects in both, Ganttproject and Ganttdroid without loosing information.

You can use Dropbox to use your proyects everywhere you have an Internet connection on your pc with Ganttproject or on your android device with Ganttdroid.

More information about Ganttproject and Dropbox.

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Available GanttDroid 1.3.5

In version 1.3.5 we have created a new edition of GanttDroid.

GanttDroid Extended includes all the 1.3.5 version improvements (See change log and video), and the ability to create templates from any task in a project or from the complete project (see the video for details).

If you already have GanttDroid Lite or GanttDroid Pro, you may purchase this new feature.

When You create a template from a task, the template will contain the task and all its subtasks. 

You can assign to every template a name and a "weight". This weight indicates the size of the original project. For example, if your template is extracted from a very large project, you can give it a weight of 10. Then, when you create a new project with a size of approximately half of the template project, You'll have to insert the template and give it a weight of 5.  Then, all the tasks will adjust their length to half.

GanttDroid 1.3.0 Released

Now available the latest update of the App.

Watch the video demonstration at

The new version 1.3.0 fixes some minor bugs, and includes a user interface completely rebuilt from scratch.

Scrolling through the Gantt chart is much more fluid, more information is displayed on the left, the zoom is done via the standard gesture of "pinch" and displays a context menu by holding down on a task, allowing you to move increase or decrease the indentation, edit or delete it.

Improved User interface in the last version

We have released a new version that improves the way you interact with the Gantt Chart.

You can see more detail in the changelog pages:

GanttDroid Lite.

GanttDroid Pro.

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